Questions to Ask and Answer about Defense Attorneys

Who really is a Defense Attorney?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or that you are standing as a defendant in a court, then you just have to defend yourself by pleading guilty or not guilty. If you choose to stand alone, you could be denied justice even you are innocent.

Hence, the need to hire lawyer to defend you arises. This lawyer is a known as defense attorney. In other words, he/she is referred to as barrister, solicitor, defense lawyer, solicitor or a counsel.

How does a defense attorney help you?

The primary duty of a defense attorney or San Diego criminal lawyer is to represent you (the client) in a law court when you are charged with any offense. The attorney will give you representation serious case like felony or less severe lawsuits like misdemeanor.

He/she can convince the judge or prosecutor that you are presumed innocent until all evidences indicate you are guilty of the charges made against you. In addition, this lawyer can advise you on the what aspect of the law you have been charged with and the possible punishment you are to face.

If all evidence indicates you are guilty of the offence you were accused of, the lawyer can plead and appeal on your behalf to have the sentence or fine reduced.

A defense attorney is a very important personality when you are facing trials for criminal charges or lesser charges.

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