Quick Look At Personal Injury

ID-100111185Personal Injury simply means a legal term describing the type of injury inflicted on the physical, mental and psychological wellbeing of an individual by another. It could be intentional or negligence. In most cases, damages or judgments or both could be passed to compensate the victim.

Personal Injury is treated using the personal injury law and this could differ between states in the United States, and countries all over the world. In other words, personal injury cases are treated under Tort.

There are more things you need to know about Personal Injury. The following paragraphs highlight the types of claims.

Types of personal injury claims

When an individual gets an injury to his body, emotions, or mind, as a result of assault, accidents, or negligence of others, he can claim for damages under personal injury law.

The common types of claims may include:

  • bodily,
  • emotional, and
  • mental injuries

All these can be as a result of accidents.

The accidents could be

  • car accident,
  • home accidents,
  • medical accidents, and
  • holiday accidents.

There are still personal injuries related to medical negligence, industrial accidents, and assault claims.