Qualities to look for in Lawyers

Nobody ever really likes to be in a position to have to find a lawyer but there are definitely times when a good attorney is needed.  When those times occur it is good to find a lawyer with certain qualities.  Here are a few of the qualities to look for in a lawyer.

  • Appearance

Appearance may seem trivial but it really isn’t.  The appearance is the first thing that you will notice when meeting someone.  If they are shabbily dressed, have on scuffed up shoes and dirty, unkempt hair then the impression that is received will be a negative one as well as a lasting one.  Lawyers should be dressed professionally both in and out of the courtroom when they are working.  By looking professional people will take them more seriously from the start.

  • Record

Unless your choice in lawyers is one straight from school then he should have some sort of track record with the cases he has tried.  Ask him about it.  Find out what types of cases there were and what his success rate is in settling the issue to his clients’ advantage.

You can even ask him for references from his former clients.  Whether or not he will give them to you is iffy but it never hurts to ask.

  • Timeliness

A lawyer needs to be able to do things on a schedule.  First of all, if he has a meeting with you yet keeps you waiting for an hour he is disrespecting you.  Your time is just as important as the lawyer’s time.

Secondly, if he is continuously late to meetings how will you be assured that he will be able to get to court in time?  If he is late to the court in time for a hearing or trial then that could influence the judge and/or jury in a negative way that could have extreme effects on the overall outcome of your case.

  • Communication

Communication is also very important.  If the lawyer can’t let you know what exactly is going on then how will he communicate effectively to get the case handled?

Another aspect of this is in his availability.  We all know that attorneys are in and out all day while they are taking care of different things.  If you call a lawyer on Monday and then again on Tuesday still with no response and this continues through the week then it is time to find a new lawyer.  If an attorney doesn’t have the common decency to keep in touch with his clients or even to find out if they are calling with new information that may be relevant to the case then he doesn’t need to have the case.

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What to look out for when hiring a Drug Attorney

If you have been charged for any kind of drug offense, it is necessary that you hire an attorney specializing in this case to protect your right and freedom. There are many lawyers out there that can give you good representation so your resources and freedom would be protected.

Here are things to look out for when hiring a Drug Attorney.

  • Look out for the experience .the attorney must have experience in different jurisdictions (both federal and state laws) and also in the criminal drug law. This is very important so he or she would be able to give you proper representation.
  • The ethical record of the lawyer should be clean. If you hire an attorney with spotty record, it can affect your case in the long run.
  • The cost should be reasonable. Although the best attorneys usually charge more than inexperienced ones, you still have to go for the lawyer that will provide you with the best counsel at a reasonable price.

In conclusion, with the above facts about drug attorney, you should be guided on some of the vital things to lookout for when hiring a Drug Attorney.

Questions to Ask and Answer about Defense Attorneys

Who really is a Defense Attorney?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or that you are standing as a defendant in a court, then you just have to defend yourself by pleading guilty or not guilty. If you choose to stand alone, you could be denied justice even you are innocent.

Hence, the need to hire lawyer to defend you arises. This lawyer is a known as defense attorney. In other words, he/she is referred to as barrister, solicitor, defense lawyer, solicitor or a counsel.

How does a defense attorney help you?

The primary duty of a defense attorney or San Diego criminal lawyer is to represent you (the client) in a law court when you are charged with any offense. The attorney will give you representation serious case like felony or less severe lawsuits like misdemeanor.

He/she can convince the judge or prosecutor that you are presumed innocent until all evidences indicate you are guilty of the charges made against you. In addition, this lawyer can advise you on the what aspect of the law you have been charged with and the possible punishment you are to face.

If all evidence indicates you are guilty of the offence you were accused of, the lawyer can plead and appeal on your behalf to have the sentence or fine reduced.

A defense attorney is a very important personality when you are facing trials for criminal charges or lesser charges.

Overview of Dog Bite Injury Offenses

In the United States, there are quite so many cases of dog bite cases and millions are paid out as damages by the dog owners to victims every year. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put the yearly figure of cases of dog bite in the United as 4.5 million. Also, about 800,000 dog bites incident require some form medical attention yearly.

Dog bite incidents are treated under the personal injury law which makes the dog owner liable for injuries to persons or damages to properties caused by the dog. There are certain helpful facts you should know about dog bite injuries, and these are highlighted in this post.

First off, personal injury laws make it possible for compensations to be awarded people who have been victims of the negligence or carelessness of others. Once the commission of negligence or carelessness is proven then the defendant would be made liable for the damages, loss, or suffering experienced by the victim.

Dog owners should be careful so as not to be liable to the damages or pains inflicted on others by their dogs or pets. In many states of America there are different scenarios whereby the dog owner would become liable for actions of their dogs. These include:

“One-bite rule”- this is a personal injury law that makes the dog owner legally responsible for the injury inflicted by his dog on another person. This rule states that if the victim is able to prove that the dog owner has previous knowledge that the dog was likely or has tendency to cause injury, then the dog owner would be made liable for injury.

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